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Effective application
of antitrust laws

Goals and objectives

The Association is engaged in the following activities:

  • creating efficient practices in the application of antitrust laws and participating in lawmaking
  • participating in the elaboration of an efficacious public policy in protection and development of competition
  • liaising with government authorities of the Russian Federation to maintain a constructive dialogue between business and the state
  • liaising with the European Commission, International Competition Network (ICN), and other national and international organizations in the area of antitrust law
  • liaising with the nation’s leading universities in order to raise the bar of legal and economic education for young professionals
  • organizing and participating in events (symposia, seminars, conferences) on application of antitrust laws both in Russia and abroad

The Association has currently set up 20 working groups on the key areas of antirust regulation. It regularly holds joint open meetings on application of antitrust law as part of its collaboration with the FAS of Russia under a cooperation agreement.

The range of matters discussed is quite broad and includes the following:

  • vertical agreements
  • calculation of damages in private lawsuits
  • application of the “cease and desist” concept
  • unfair competition
  • appealing decisions and compliance orders issued by antitrust authorities in the FAS Presidium
  • drafting amendments to Article 178 of the Russian Criminal Code
  • application of antitrust law rules to intellectual property
  • improving procedures for hearing cases regarding violations of antitrust laws and administrative offences

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Join the team of antitrust experts. We will improve legislation and influence the development of competition in Russia together.

Устав Ассоциации антимонопольных экспертов

"Утвержден Решением общего собрания членов Ассоциации, Протокол № 1 от «17» марта 2016 г."

Положение о членстве

Положение устанавливает правила и условия приема в члены Ассоциации, порядок осуществления и прекращения членства в ААЭ.

Положение о Генеральном совете

Положение о Генеральном совете ААЭ разработано в соответствии с действующим законодательством и уставом.

Положение о рабочих группах

Настоящим Положением определяется порядок создания и осуществления деятельности рабочих групп Ассоциации.



• 11 years of active work

• Over 140 members

• Independent examination of the internal appeal of the FAS

• Antitrust forums and conferences

• Scientific and practical and methodical work


The Association of Antitrust experts is consisted of representatives of such companies as: