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General provisions

The Association members may be both individuals and corporate entities that are interested in reaching the Association’s goals, admitted to the Association as prescribed by these Bylaws, recognize its bylaws and have paid an admission fee and annual dues:

• individuals - professional lawyers and economists specializing in antitrust law;

• corporate entities — professional associations of lawyers and economists specializing in antitrust law, including law firms, independent economic research centers etc. A representative of the Association corporate member shall participate in the Association’s activities based on the authority granted to him or her by law or constitutional documents of such a corporate entity or under a power of attorney issued by the Association corporate member.

Under clause 6.3 of the Association Bylaws, an applicant must pay an admission fee and annual membership dues within ten calendar days after the date of the General Council’s resolution to admit him or her as a member of the Association. Only after that the applicant becomes a full-fledged member Association.

The meeting of the General Council dated 13 November 2014 approved the following amounts of membership dues:

• RUB 20,000 (twenty thousand) as a membership admission fee for individuals;

• RUB 30,000 (thirty thousand) as annual membership dues for individuals.

Regulation on working groups